Movers/moving companies make your move: a guide to getting the right moving

Moving from one location to another, whether it be to another state or just to another block can potentially be one of the most frustrating experiences you'll encounter. Aside from the anxiety of leaving a familiar and area and moving to a new place, there are enough horror scenarios to keep you gritting your teeth and tossing in bed such as valuables getting lost or collectibles getting broken. The key to minimizing the stress levels associated with moving is to choose the right moving company for you. This however takes research and preparation.

You can ask for referrals to reputable moving companies or find them in directories. Another way of finding a mover is simply by keeping your eyes open for moving companies that seem to be doing brisk business. It is to your advantage though if you select a mover which is accredited with a moving association. This can indicate that the particular company takes their work seriously and is willing to be guided by industry standards. Your hands will also not be tied if you encounter any problems with them during the moving process as you will be able to seek remedies. Also always ask about their insurance coverage and what it doesn't cover. Always choose a company that has enough insurance. Don't be afraid to ask questions such as how long they have been in business. After all, you are entrusting your possessions and practically the start of a new life to complete strangers.

You should also know and ask the scope of the movers' services. Some companies will simply just transport your things while others can sell you packing material or even pack for you. Others can even clean your new home and arrange your things aside from simply unpacking. You can also help the movers do a better job by having prepared answers to these typical questions. For example, when do you prefer to move? How far will you be moving? How much will be transported? In turn you will have to find out how much the movers charge. Do they charge by an hourly rate or by the volume of your load? Try to get two or three quotes before making a decision and make sure you weigh the costs with the services you will receive. Also, try to get the quote in writing when you have selected a mover. If the charge is by weight, you may need to get an estimator to get a more accurate assessment of how much it will cost but if the actual weight is higher than the estimate, you may have to pay extra charges.

It is best to have a company chosen well in advance, at least four to eight weeks before the actual move itself. Waiting too long can narrow your options. Also ask in advance how many people will be assigned to the move. Three is usual an ideal number, with two people to do the actual moving and another to sort the vehicle and to ensure that there is at least always someone to guard your possessions.

Thoroughly researching the options you have will increase the chances that you can choose a mover who will handle your possessions with the care you expect and set you up where you need to be with the least inconveniences and hassles possible. Doing a haphazard job of choosing a mover can result in more than just lost and broken valuables. It can cost you time and money and a bad start to a new beginning.