Do It All In Hampton Roads

It has been said that Virginia is for lovers, but in reality Hampton Roads, Virginia is for the entire family. Hampton Roads, Virginia is a unique town because it has the coast, the historic area, beautiful theme parks, and thrilling museums.

Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is one of the most known beaches in all of the United states. Virginia beach offers 28 miles of beachfront and a world famous boardwalk. Apart from the breathtaking scenery, Virginia Beach always has fun and free activities that are going on at the beach during the spring and the summer months. Many people love to go dolphin watching at Virginia beach as well. The beautiful Bottlenose dolphin can be spotted at the beach between the months of June to October.

Children love to visit the Virginia Beach Ocean Breeze Water park. This is something that makes a trip to Hampton Roads exiting and special for the them. This is a place where the kids can splash around and play for hours while the adults enjoy the scenery. Apart from the Water park, there are the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center and JT's Grommet Island Park. These are both fun and interesting for kids and adults alike.

The Historic Areas

Jamestown is a historic area that must be seen by anyone that is traveling to Hampton Roads. Historic Jamestown is the first place that the English settled when they were traveling to the New World. There is also a re-creation of the Jamestown Settlement that is located nearby New Jamestown. This shows how the area looked in the early 1600s. Families are encouraged to interact with the actors, and there is even ship replicas that can be explored by all.

Colonial Williamsburg is the largest living history museum in all of the United States. This museum has actors that are dressed in clothes of the times, and it is one of the most popular destinations in the US.

The First Landing Cross is also a very popular attraction in Hampton Roads. In early 1600s about 100 settlers landed on Virginia beach. This was a very special event, because it meant that they found their place in the New World, and that they were safe. The Landing Cross was the first thing that they set up in order to show their gratitude to God. Each year thousands of people flock to this monument because of its unforgettable history.

There is really something to see for everyone in Hampton Roads; from exciting museums to interesting colonial towns, this place has it all. Even though Virginia is truly a place for lovers; it is also a place for the whole family. Hampton Roads is truly an awesome place for a fun vacation, because a family can have a great time and get a history lesson all in one trip.