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Real Estate Attorneys: How to Get the Best Real Estate Attorney

One of the most maligned professions in the history of mankind; lawyers have come to be known as necessary evils. Every aspect of our lives is governed by some law; and not all of us have the time to familiarize ourselves with these laws. As homebuyers, we do not see the relevance of real estate attorneys in picking a nice house and moving in. But the reality is we cannot make a fully-informed decision until we have a heart to heart talk with a good real estate attorney. Legal issues abound in real estate: liens; misrepresentation; zoning; encroachment; boundary disputes; nuisances; eminent domain; and breach of contract to name a few. Hiring a real estate lawyer can be expensive; but it can also be the most important investment we make prior to the actual purchase of the property.

Lawyers are not created equal; the bad reputation the legal profession has earned since the Old Testament is not unfounded. There will always be bad apples among the bunch; so how can we protect ourselves? Friends and family are the best source of referrals because we know them the most and we value their opinions and suggestions. It is also good to ask around; ask co-workers, neighbors, real estate agents, or even the state bar association. The yellow pages and the internet are also good starting points. We should narrow down our choices by making a mental or temporary list; from here we can then proceed to do more intensive research such as reading newspapers or going online to check for any news about these lawyers. We can also go to court and ask the clerk and other staff members casually for any inside information. Finding a good real estate lawyer may be tricky, but it is possible with a little effort on our part.

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