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How to Eliminate the Stress of Moving

Moving is a very stressful time. Whether you are moving to a bigger house, or downsizing due to job loss or foreclosure, no-one likes to move. Here are some suggestions for reducing the stress associated with moving, courtesy of the moving experts at Movers North America.

First, the easiest way to move is not to move. That may sound strange, but it makes perfect sense. Go through all of your possessions and decide what you really need to keep. Divide your goods into three piles. In the first pile place everything that you no longer need, but is saleable, and then have a garage sale and sell it. This will give you extra cash, and save you from moving it!

In the second pile put goods that are in good condition; donate these to the local Salvation Army or Goodwill. The final pile, everything that you no longer need but isn't usable, should be thrown out. Don't move it: throw it out.

Next, decide what you will move yourself, and what will be moved by a professional mover. If you are moving around the corner, you may be able to move a lot of your belongings yourself. Longer moves will require more assistance from a professional.

Once you know what you will be moving, get quotes from at least two movers. Knowing what you are moving will make it easier to get a quote. A great source for moving quotes is the "Get a Moving Quote" feature at Movers North America.

With quotes in hand you can now decide on the best mover for you.

Finally, make a moving plan. You need to know who is packing, when phone numbers and utility accounts need to be switched over, and who will watch children and pets during the move.

With a plan in place, the move will be as stress free as possible.



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